How to choose a single origin to suit your palate

How to choose a single origin to suit your palate

Here’s a quick overview of each coffee growing continent. 

With so many single origins to choose from, it’s important to understand your own palate first before deciding which region to drink from. 

Africa for floral and fruity profiles

African coffee is well known for being delicate, floral, and fruity. We can often find citrus, jasmine, berry, apple and even tropical fruit sweetness in African coffee, it’s kind of like a fruit shop.

The acidity level is generally higher in African coffee beans, so is suitable for a lighter roast as it makes the coffee sweet and bright. In order to fully experience the profile, it is better to drink it as a black coffee. 

Asia for spicy and woody flavours

Asia supplies a huge percentage of commodity grade coffees, and they generally have a low acid profile with an intense spicy and woody flavour. This can be a good option to put into a coffee blend, but maybe not as a single origin.

However, places such as PNG and Indonesia Sumatra are producing specialty coffee crops that offer prominent fruit flavours, with a juicy or syrupy body. I believe there will be more regions in Asia with great coffees coming up in the future.

Central America for a complex sweetness

Coffee in this region has a complex sweetness. The taste is usually very clean, i.e smooth with no bitterness in the aftertaste. 

Panama has the most expensive coffee in the world, with neighbouring countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica and El Salvador also producing some amazing coffee.

It is relatively easier to find a Costa Rica coffee in the market. If you want to try it, I recommend to try it in black to experience the sweetness and the clean aftertaste.

South America for a strong body, with nutty and chocolate flavours

Brazil is the world's largest supplier of coffee. It is generally low in acidity, strong bodied with nutty and chocolate flavours. 

It’s one of the best coffees to drink with milk, as it delivers a complex chocolate and nutty profile.

Colombia, the second largest supplier in Arabica coffee, also produces some promising coffees. Unlike Brazil, some Colombian coffees can also be fruity and brighter in acid. 

Hope you found this info helpful. 

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Happy brewing, 


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