The story of Maven's Brew

A quality cuppa could be so near, yet so far away. It could be a time, monetary, or even a geographic factor that keeps the coffee lover from his guilty pleasure.

Why should anyone who loves a fine cup o' Joe have to compromise when a coffee house is out of reach? Fact is, no one should.

So we've found a way to solve this problem - and solved it well, too. Now we're sharing it with you, that you may always be surrounded by uncompromised flavours and in turn pass it on to those you care about.

Maven's Brew drip coffee bags have been created out of the consumers' need for specialty-grade coffee, accessibility, as well as portability.

It is made for the busy young professionals who enjoy the finest beans but can't afford the time or money to have multiple cups a day in a café.

Our product is also designed for those who may trod off the beaten path and living out of suitcases and backpacks. We could go on with the list, but you get the idea.

We love our coffee at home, in the office, and on the mountaintop as much as we do in bustling inner-city cafés. How about you?

About Gordon

Many roads in life are truly winding, as was mine. What began as a seemingly sure path in the fashion industry in Hong Kong had brought me to question my true passions in life.

I packed my bags to clear my head and found myself in Sydney. When I decided to stay, I had to find a job, and like many others before me, I was hired to work in a suburban café.

It was hardly a smooth-sailing journey, but eventually I worked my way through and found better positions that allowed me to be elbows and knees deep in the specialty coffee industry.

More specifically, I found myself in a job at a coffee R&D lab. It was then when I identified a gap in the market - one that has left countless consumers drinking room-for-improvement coffee when cafés are out of their reach.

I genuinely love coffee - its history, its ever-surprising qualities, as well as the endless possibilities that come with these unassuming cherries. I also love sharing what I've learned. Above all, I love not cutting corners when it comes to quality.

I've created Maven's Brew as a sum of my life's passions. I hope you'll taste it in every cup you pour and that you would share it with others, too.