Three things to know about decaf coffee

Three things to know about decaf coffee

Some people aren't fans of decaf coffee. This is due to the general conception that decaf usually tastes awful, is full of chemicals, and there’s no point to drinking coffee without caffeine (except for health reasons).

If this is your thinking, then here are three things you need to know about decaf coffee:

1. Decaf coffee can taste quite good

With the help of the specialty coffee industry, our technology is now able to maintain at least 80% of the original coffee flavour inside the decaf coffee beans. Many people are surprised that a specialty grade decaf coffee can taste as good as a normal coffee!

2. Decaf coffee can be 100% chemical free

Decaf coffee comes from real coffee beans that are decaffeinated through a water process. There are chemicals involved in this process, which means some of them will end up inside the coffee beans. Again thanks to the new technology, we now have Swiss Water and Mountain Water process decaf beans which are 100% chemical free.

3.There will be times when you wish there was a decaf option

Most coffee lovers have an unlimited craving for a good coffee, but their daily caffeine intake is limited. This is the moment when they need a good decaf coffee.

When I am having a delicious dessert at 9pm in the evening, and would like a good cup of coffee to match with it, then I will brew a cup of Magician decaf coffee. I want a coffee to enjoy at that moment, but also need enough sleep to wake up early for my 2 kids!

Decaf coffee might not be part of your daily coffee ritual, however it’s handy to have a decaf option at home for those late night brews. If you like something with a long shelf life and easy to brew, then you should try our Magician drip coffee bags. It is 100% chemical free, delicious, and also packed individually in satchels. 

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